Breach Videos Online!

Currently I am making a few videos for Breach. My honest opinion on the game so far is it is outstanding.
There are a few things here and they I hope they either implement, change, or add though, but that's with every game I'm sure we all play.
I have started posting with the character creation for those who are curious how it works or will not have a chance to hop into the game.

My first suggestion is stacking scars and tattoos, also changing the color or tattoos possibly? I'd really love this implemented into the game.
I would love more facial hair options. A chin strap would be awesome, as well as a full on beard! In my video you see me talk about a hair idea as well, like changing the headband color on one of the hairs.
AND PLEASE LET US KEYBIND MOUSE BUTTONS! I cannot for the life of me keybind my mouse wheel or my side buttons to do attacks. I like having my keys bound there instead of 1,2,3,4 on the keyboard.
Now I did play the Necromancer role, one thing I didn't like about it much was in the chaos of fighting when you press 2, to gain health from your Shambler, they had to be within range and targeted by you.
Maybe I missed this part, but I wish it told you possibly on the side how many active Shamblers you had with possibly a tiny health bar to represent each one. Now I'm not sure if you press it and get 500 health no matter what the Shamblers health is, but if that's the case take the lowest health Shambler and life steal them to give yourself health. Now if it takes health depending on the Shambler's, take the highest health Shambler for the sacrifice. Eliminating having to be targeting the Shambler just require them to be within a certain range and radius of you.

I did experience a few glitches of which I'm not sure will be on my final posted videos, but if anyone needs to see them at all I can gladly send them.
One I experienced was a swarm of monsters my team had killed were dead but still up, another was I was up high on a rooftop and was in the middle of jumping down when I was attacked and it got me stuck in the jumping animation for a few seconds while I was still being attacked.

Now here is the first video below. When I do post more I will let everyone know in the comments and update it on this post as well.


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