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This is for all your youtube videos regarding the game, just to start it off, here is the IGN gameplay video for you guys to see:


  • Can't do a YouTube post without adding the Official Announcement Trailer!

  • yay Video!

  • Not a YT Video but very informative. 2 hours of gameplay.
    Twitch GassyMexican:

  • Hell yeah, some extended footage is just what I needed!

  • Not bad gameplay, still going gunslinger.

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    Introduction to Breach

  • Hey all, first ever YT video with our captured footage and thoughts from the last Alpha - enjoy.


  • lostdoglostdog
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    here's all classes quick look video :)

  • Hi all, a further video highlighting the Pyramid of GIZA Map from the most recent Alpha testing for anyone interested - Thank you

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    I had a chance to capture Veil Demon gameplay. It was my first try :P

  • Hi All,

    I have created a brief YouTube video to show my current Occultist support build in the Breach Steam Early Access stage. This is a work in progress but I feel it is a fun and effective build in the games early stages. If you have any questions or feedback for changes let me know - thanks for watching;


  • Arcane Mender crazy boss fight on the Pyramid with Breach music, check it out;

    Thank you

  • Hello, my Arcane Mender build and guide video is complete, any comments welcome, thank you;

  • got this think in apknite code,nice video for new comer

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