Does the steam download come with eac?

Hello. Just installed this game today. I can see that we can try it out tomorrow. However, i was wondering if i could check out the main menu and stuff so i went and pressed play after installing. But i get an error code from eac reading error: 20006 (couldn create a service) or something along that. So im wondering if its supposed to do this untill tomorrow where we can play, or if theres something wrong with my download? I cant find eac anywhere within the files of the game though. Sorry for my rekt english


  • @Primary You won't be able to really access the game until tomorrow morning. As the servers have been down sense last weekend. Now come 9am Central the servers will come to life and your be able to log into Breach. Now this problem could be happening because the servers are down. But typically when the servers are down you can still open Breach and see the Red circle on the screen for the servers being offline. But if this problem for you happens still tomorrow after 9am Central. Then there might acutally be an issue for you on your end. As typically your Error code is being unable for the game to start. Which at this moment there is really nothing for it to start without any of its service enabled and running.

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