Is there a way to level up in training room?

Just like the title said, I was wondering if there's a way to level up in the training room so that I can test out some of the talents.

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  • uh you should have access to all the talents or skill from the char you choose to try out in the training room... if you talking about the cross class skills that the chars class share then no you dont get xp in the training room to unlock those...

  • I'm talking about the talents you get from your Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Weapon. The one that you get as you level inside a mission. Not the level you get on the class to unlock ability slot to cross class.

    I was hoping we can test out the talents that you can pick from your gears because it would be nice to know how certain talent behave or to confirm a bug without actual live mission.

  • I hope the talent room can get some quality of life improvements like Torae mentioned; the option to use your talents via the equipment you have equipped by leveling as you do in the dungeons. I hope the developers/designers are aware of the numerous quality of life improvements the game needs although it is currently in beta

  • i mean, if the aim of making the training room is for the player to get used to with the function, the ability and all kind of other things to get better in the game, which means including level up. the ability is different like dealing more damage and the cool down decreases. and player should know it right? i have to use an guild app in apknite to know how it works in the higher level and calculate the game

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