Talent Feedback: Multiple Turrets

Some of my engineer's items grant the talent that increases the number of active turrets to 2, while reducing their damage per shot from 40 to 27.

I've played around with this and I really want to like it and use it, but its mechanics are just prohibitive. I did the math and it is in line with my in-game experience.

Does it provide more damage output?
In most instances, no. The only case in which this talent provides a net increase in damage is during long fights, and that's only if neither turret is destroyed. And that damage increase isn't realized until after 50 seconds of combat; though, even at that point, it's only a 1.25% increase. Adding another 25 seconds brings the damage increase to 12.5% which starts to sound worth the use of the talent, but again that's only if neither turret is destroyed.

Does it allow you to cover more area?
Eventually. Though the problem here is that the cooldown of Turret is 25 seconds whether or not you have this talent equipped. Most rooms aren't large enough to require you to cover two areas with turret fire, and even when it's advantageous to do so the room objective is well on its way to being completed by the time you can get your second turret out. Meanwhile, you've lost out on almost 1/3 of your turret damage potential during that first 25 seconds.

How about for mobile engagements?
Where you'd think it would come in really handy is in the drone escort rooms so you can leapfrog turrets along the path of the drone. However, with the cooldown remaining at 25 seconds you cannot place a second turret any more quickly than you could place your single turret again (destroying the original one), and you'll be doing 2/3 the damage at the site where you need it the most (where the drone is).

What am I missing?
This is an honest question. Aside from longer boss fights in which neither of your turrets are not destroyed, this talent seems to me disadvantageous in every way. Is there a use for this talent that results in a net benefit?


  • Yeah the value is only in another target for mobs to go after in longer rooms. Maybe in future maps there will be more value in area coverage/longer individual rooms. But right now it is sort of a noob trap.

  • I think what people fail to realize is that turrets make GREAT tanks too. They can take a LOT of punishment and having two of them doubles up on that. Maybe there is something to say about that? I dunno but that's what I'd bank on.

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