Exorcist Visual Cues

The exorcists gimmick is denying the VD possession and trying to punish them for doing it recklessly around them. Maybe it's me or my settings being so low because of stuttering but it's sort of hard to tell when the VD possesses anything sometimes unless you saw it happen in front of you or the mob gets a shield or something. There's not real indicator/icon or glow that I've seen to make them stand out in a crowd when possessed and likewise when something has been expelled to know that I can follow up with my 3 for more damage. It makes it really hard to keep your damage up when you don't know if the VD is possessing and you just aoe into a crowd and hope for the best. For bosses it can work out because you are focused on them and if they misuse elites as solos but atm it feels like an underperforming damage dealer that sometimes gets lucky with a right click and a 4 that can easily be sidestepped or dodged.


  • The possessed minion will glow a flaming purplish color. I'm red-green color blind so I'm not sure if it's purple or red or something. It's pretty obvious, even for me. Sometimes it's hard to tell if they are possessing a weaker minion, maybe? But if they're inside of an elite, you'll know it. And those are the only ones that matter; a good group could knock out anything else a VD possesses pretty quickly.

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