Early Access Update: February 7th @ 8AM CT

Did you get your Pyromancer? Today, February 6th, if the FINAL DAY, so make sure to enter "FREEPYRO" into the launcher before this offer has expired at 11:59 PM Central tonight.

Now, onto business. February may be the shortest month of the year, but we have some big plans during this tiny month as we continue to add to and improve Breach during our Early Access phase. For those that missed our most recent livestream, we're continuing forward through our Early Access roadmap, and pleased that we've been able to start checking things off. Speaking of, did you see us tease the next map coming to Breach? More details soon...

In this week's patch, we're continuing our spell adjustments from last week by re-aligning some to be how they were originally intended. A handful of these changes, like those for the Grael cages, have been mentioned quite often by our community, but we also didn't want to just make the Grael Cage an unusable spell.

Here's the timing for the upcoming downtime, and the usual countdown clock for all of you in various timezones across the world.

  • Servers Locked: Thursday, February 7th at 8 AM Central
  • Service Downtime: Approximately 1 hour

As a reminder, our goal for Breach during Early Access is to provide a large update once a month, with smaller updates and hot fixes each week as necessary. That large update is nearing completion, and we hope you're all looking forward to it.

Updates & Fixes:

  • Adjustments have been made to ELO & Matchmaking in order to better align players of similar rating. We have also reset everyone's ELO to start fresh and create better overall matchmaking moving forward.
  • Additional cosmetic items have had their names slightly adjusted to better represent the look of the cosmetic.
  • Removed the +1 Health Potion grant on the Health Potion Revive Talent.
  • Grael Cage Refund Charge talent has been changed.
  • Grael Cage will now receive increased health based on the number of enemies caught in it up to a max of 4.
  • Capturing Heroes in a Grael Cage will no longer grant a refund.
  • Grael Cage warning will now more appropriately line up with other warnings in the game to allow players to more easily dodge through it to avoid capture.
  • Aethyr Coil will be updated with a handful of adjustments.
  • Updated the Free Weekly Rotation behind the scenes so that it will accurately display the proper free class rotation moving forward.

Known Issues:

  • Veil Demon rewards for quick wins are currently not awarding an appropriate amount of Gold and XP
  • Frenzied Shambler is not affected by some Red and Blue gems.
  • Attack clip 50% increase talent does not work on hedge classes.
  • Demon Hunter Ultimate, Siphoning Skull, stun effect sometimes does not persist for the entire duration.
  • The overhead vfx indicator showing when a player is the target of the Satyr Lich's Deathtouch sometimes does not appear, resulting in sudden spike damage without warning.
  • You currently cannot purchase 2 of the same type of gem.
  • Some Prismatic gems balance values are in progress.
  • Kikimora Fiend's abilities balance values are in progress.
  • Pain Conduit and Translocate's skilled play bonuses health threshold requirement is lower than intended.
  • Players may get caught in a longer load screen than expected when starting a match, and can hear a match starting in the background. This cannot be fixed by reconnecting, but the player will eventually connect within a few minutes.
  • The Veil Demon model can sometimes appear to throw itself out of the world upon possession.
  • The Veil Demon can sometimes lose all collision after reconnecting to a game.
  • Some abilities are not tracking their score correctly on the in mission stat board, resulting in displaying lower than actual stat numbers.
  • Equipping Rapid Fire Clip on another class or slots prevents it from recharging.
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