Can we talk about Veil Rift?

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Veil Rift - Creates a rift that shoves target enemy behind the Veil. While in the Veil, Possess is replaced by Veil Shock and can only be used within the Veil. Captured enemy can be attacked until they escape back through the rift . Lasts 120s. Veil Shock channels 250 damage every 1s and applies a 20% Slow.

Where to begin? This has got to be the most overtuned ability in the VD arsenal. In its current state, you can be flung, quite literally, across an entire objective room depending on where you were thrown from and the odd mechanical physics of how it moves the target. To compound that, 250 damage per second is borderline criminal and is pretty much a death sentence from an ability with a 25 second cooldown to anyone who suffers from the too-often odd way the "throw" behaves. When combo'd with certain abilities, such as walls, it's a guaranteed death sentence.

I am of the mindset that everything should have a counter in this game and that you can not counter -everything-. Simply put, this ability doesn't have a counter, especially when you can be hit with it in the middle of a dodge. It's instant, and while you're being "thrown" you can not act or perform any sort of counter to the subsequent traps dropped on you as a result. It also seems to break breach protection as I have consistently seen, when your in the 'veil' of the ability, breaches dropped on top of the target rather than pre-emptively setup.

I do not believe an ability with a 25 second cool down should be a death sentence (in skilled hands) to the unlucky target without any form of (edit: counter). It's simply too good of an ability and can be wildly abused in its current incarnation in combination with other abilities as well as just from the way the physics of the throw works.

Obviously, if this is your bread and butter, you're going to rationalize why this is not overpowered and throw your hands up in the air at this post. There are abilities that I love that I openly acknowledge as overpowered - but I also provide possible tuning solutions to said abilities when I discuss them in the forums. The same should be applied here. I do not play the VD enough to offer a possible solution, but seeing as how there are no threads discussing this ability and how wildly abused it can be, it's enough for me to at least open up dialogue on it.

TLDR: Veil Rift is overtuned and needs some attention. The damage is way too high in combination with the slow and the physics of the initial 'throw' needs some tweaking so you cannot be tossed across the map or so far away that you are guaranteed dead long before you can ever come close to getting out. Can we also talk about how this isn't classified as a breach since it is literally tearing a hole in the plane of existence epitomizes the general idea of what a breach implies. (That should be left for another discussion, identifying what a breach constitutes and better classifying abilities in that realm is a problem in and of itself.)

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