Founder’s Packs Offers Ending Soon

We are so grateful to everyone that supported us in our first month of Early Access! As a token of our appreciation, everyone who owns Breach before February 19 at 8:00AM CT will get 3,000 QC Points and at that moment, the Founder’s Packs will no longer be available. This $30 value is our way of saying thank you for being a part of Breach as we continue to develop the game through this Early Access / Beta period as we look towards Free to Play.

Beginning at 8:01 AM CT on February 19, there will be a new offer called Early Access Pass. The $10 digital package will include access to Breach, a 30-day boost, and 2,000 QC Points (a $20 value). Existing players can also purchase the pack, as it's a great value for anyone who wants to play Breach.

We also have an exciting update coming on February 19, “Patch 0.1: Valley of Kings” will include:

  • A new Map + new Boss Monster
  • A new Medic Hero class
  • New Veil Demon and Hero queue system
  • A Ranking system
  • New monsters on the Tokyo map
  • Several graphics and performance improvements and options
  • We can’t wait for you to experience it and will have more details to share about it soon.

As a reminder, this update follows our goal during Early Access: to provide a large update once a month, with smaller updates and hot fixes each week as necessary. We’re still on track with the content roadmap below.

We hope you’ll stay on this journey with us as we continue to bring exciting new content and improvements to the game. Thanks so much for playing.

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