The game is in a terrible state

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Yesterday I tried to play some games but I could only stomach four of them before shutting it down and here's why :

Game 1) I was VD, we were playing on Kiev. Everything was going ok until the boss. At around 50%hp Leshei used his burrowing ability and appeared outside of the map. The heroes couldn't attack him, I couldn't possess him so we had to wait for the timer to run out. A win is a win I guess but shame for the heroes as they were actually winning the boss fight.

Game 2) Kiev again, this time I was on heroes side. VD was rather new, lvl 20-something and we had a very smooth run up until the boss. The VD either ragequitted or was disconnected and it immediately desynced the server. Everyone was floating around unable to do anything. So we decided to wait for the timer to run out so at least we would get some gold and exp but after few minutes we got an error message about not being able to connect to the server and we ended up with nothing.

Game 3) Heroes side, we were going against the cancer cage/veil shift build. He must've dumped everything into cooldown reduction because once he got to lvl 2 he was spamming the cages one after another. In not kidding, literally one after another, again and again and again and again. We had 2 high impact classes and even though we were destroying the cages rather quickly he was spawning so many of them we failed all objectives because we weren't even able to get to the next room in time. All of the heroes players were lvl 100+ so it's not like we didn't know what to do. Stuff like this will kill this game because this is the most infuriating thing ever and I bet newer players will be like "fuck this game, it's s not worth my time".

Game 4) In lobby we noticed we were going against the same VD from game 3, with the same build and everything so yeah, great. But when I loaded into the match there were only bots, no sight of VD and there was no countdown for the match to start. After about 5 minutes I quit the game. At least I didn't have to play against that cage spammer so... yay?

And I know what some people will say "oH bUt tEh gAeM iS iN eRLy acCeSs". It sure is pal but the thing is early access can't be an excuse for such poor quality, this game should have stayed in alpha for quite some time and as far as I know that is the general consensus amongst players who were playing the alpha tests. I don't know why the developers decided to release into early access but I'm afraid it might be the death of the game. Sure, we are getting updates and they are trying to fix stuff but it honestly feels like with each game maintenance we are getting more and more bugs. Just to list a few:
°if you get disconnected from a game and you get back in you won't get any items, gold, exp or quest progress
°talking about quest progress sometimes you won't get it, just because
°if you're playing the VD with the push signature skill (Worldshaper?) and you get the "invisible to heroes" passive your push stops working
°a plethora of visual and animation bugs and glitches, getting stuck in the air, abilities not playing full animations and so on
°don't even get me started on balance or rather lack there of. Both heroes and VD have access to a ton of really obnoxious builds and it doesn't make the game hard or challenging, it just makes it not fun to play and let's be honest, the player count isn't exactly very high and stuff like this really drives people away, I bet even more than the stuff mentioned above.

I try really hard to like this game, have about 40 hours into it, and when it works it's really fun even if very repetitive. But sadly it doesn't 't work very often.


  • Just my two cents on the "oH bUt tEh gAeM iS iN eRLy acCeSs"

    A long time ago in gaming beta was invite thing only, but over the time players where feeling that people that had beta access had a advantage over other players. Mainly because the first games to do these invites were mmorpgs and companies where inviting guilds from other games they believe could challenge the content, and not to count these games still hand sandbox elements like owning the best land spots. Then companies had to respond to their player bases so they started doing alpha, closed betas, and open betas. But once open betas happened companies ran into a problem, and that problem was beginning a free video game rental store. Back in the old nostalgia of blockbuster and early consoles, people would go rent a game for 3-5 dollars see if they like it. If, they liked it they would keep renting or just buy the game. If, they didnt like it money was still generated. Since players were going into open betas playing the game to a certain point and not liking game with no money generated. Companies came up with paid open beta which kind of works like a video game rental store pay a little money kill some hours see if you want to buy it when it comes out. But, this business model became to profitable. Companies started charging extreme amount of money for closed beta, open beta, and early access. But, then companies came up with two scams, one sell game in founders mode, and never really deliver whats promised just deliver enough to prevent a legal battle. Second, import game from korea charge founder prices and just translate it. This scam is so great fallout 76 even used it.

    So after the history lesson why support this game. Because the game released a road map for the next 6 months that was available before buying the early access. Its sign that were trying move back to the original philosophy of a beta

  • I didn't need the history lesson, I have been playing video games for 30 years now so I was there, so to speak ;) Nonetheless it was a nice read and I'm sure the younger audience might learn a thing or two :)

    But what you said didn't really answer WHY was it released into early access so... well, early. Road map is great and I sincerely hope the developers will deliver on it but nowadays its hard not to stay sceptical. And here's another question. Do we need a new class now when so many are in need of serious balancing? Do we need a new map when previous three are still so buggy it often prevents the match to be completed? Now that the game has been released into early access people obviously will expect not only fixes but constant content updates. This could have been avoided if they stayed in alpha and got the basics right. Right now they are trying to build a fancy house on some rocky foundations.

  • meant for the history lesson comment to be like a pun TL:DR guess i missed the mark with that one lol. I think they went into early access because they need more people testing the game. Alot of bugs players mention i never run into. My biggest bug i have had is not requeing at the top of the list once someone failed the que. The problem you had in Game 2 im sure cant be found till this point cause no alpha tester is going to keep raging out of games to find the one point where it breaks the game. I do agree with you on its hard not to stay skeptical in this day and age and that should of been the biggest reason not to go early access. Kinda of the same in Game 4 no alpha tester is going to just leave the game at the beginning because they ran into the cage strat.

    Believe it are not i think the game is pretty balanced among the heroes if you could on select 1 of each class, i do think its almost impossible to win as VD when you play a full team of lvl 100(VD should get final counter pick). I do a bunch of warrior builds so at the beginning, I had a mana warrior bastard cleave build with max cdr and i thought this was the most broken build ever. Then i made a invis mob of raven bloodstalker(think this is the best), then i made a phalcet reaper build. What i learned from these builds was the mana warrior was best at covering the stuff that didnt matter normal mobs and great on defeat all enemies obj, you will be the last one left and then u will get cc to death. The reaper places phalcet by his team and peels for his team while taking no dmg, great beating those trap the boss room strats and forget trying to apply target dmg to him. Bloodstalker only warrior that can float elites(floating elites needs to be removed from game) and best at boss fights. I think of this game as a moba and league of legends and dota have 2 week balance patches( aka never balanced). The only game that will be balance is paper scissor rock. I personally think balance works like this.

    1) people find random strong things in roles
    2) people put random strong things together to create meta
    3) people look for out of pocket things that are only good against the current the meta
    4) meta reset

  • @CaptainFunky As it has been stated many times, they are working on rebalancing the Grael Cage as well as several other abilities. Bugs are to be expected in any game that is still in development and QC is constantly working to squash said bugs but with each new patch comes new bugs. By putting the game into early access they have opened themselves up to a much wider variety of testers from more regions than just their Alpha testing group. Moving the game to Early access also helps get a 'feel' for how the game will be received by the playerbase and also help them better flesh out the finer details of the game with the help of the community feedback they receive. Keep in mind this is just my opinion on the matter and that I don't speak for QC Games. Their reasons are their own and they are doing pretty well for how small their studio/crew is. Just needs a little love and patience :)

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    @Smaugsy said:
    By putting the game into early access they have opened themselves up to a much wider variety of testers from more regions than just their Alpha testing group.

    That would be a valid argument if it weren't for two things:
    1) the alpha tests weren't exactly hush hush, for friends and family kinda tests and, correct me if I'm wrong, they keys to participate were all over the Internet
    2) once the game moved to early access you actually have to buy a founders pack to be able to play so if anything in my eyes it limited the number of people who will be willing to try it out

    Look, I know I sound very negative and it may seem I can't wait for the game to fail but that is far from the truth. I wouldn't waste time writing posts on the forum if I didn't want the game to improve. And in the end I still play it on a daily basis so yeah, I do hope the developers will make this a great game :)

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    @CaptainFunky Not exactly. What he mean's for your first point is during Alpha. There was a numerous amount of region locks in place. The middle east, the SEA region, and other parts of the world were Region locked out of playing Breach. That is what @Smaugsy was getting at I assume. Based of my own knowledge of feedback from those regions who were vocal on why they couldn't play Breach during Alpha. For the most part is was just the NA.

    As for your second point that is more of a double edge sword. On one hand yes Now in early Access everyone who lost Alpha access. So yes the crowd is going to be smaller. In fact it is going to become smaller over the year till Release. So that is a point I honestly can't argue with. But with the Early Access it is the regional expansion of the potentional population pool that is widen world wide. Compared to the narrower pool. For example when Alpha first started it was US only, and it wasn't till the tail end of Alpha did they allow even the EU player base to get keys to play Alpha. I hope this might explain a little better the "much wider variety of testers from more regions than just their Alpha testing group"

  • @WeebStar said:
    I think they went into early access because they need more people testing the game.

    Well clearly they forgot to advertise because the game is gonna look like a wasteland in a few months since the EA requires cash and the alpha obviously didn't, but then again if they let the public decide on what a mess it is at the moment that would ruin it's rep.

  • Its always a little amusing for me when The Seller (Steam) and the Developer (in this case QC) give a full and detailed disclaimer about Early Access with something like "This game is unfinished, has lots of bugs, needs balancing/testing, servers might be wonky, please help us to make this a better game by giving us your honest feedback"... And then, usually within a day or two, I read from random gamer.

    "This game is unfinished, has lots of bugs, needs balancing/testing and the servers are wonky - Game sucks for a to z reasons, I no play anymore."


    Well, O.K. But this is why we are all here. Test it, find it, report it.

    Taking the time to give your feedback is good. But balance it. What do you like about the game? What dont you like? How would you make it better?

    Let's work together as a community to provide constructive feedback to the Devs in a civil, thoughtful way so they can make the best game possible for everyone. In the end isn't that what we all want?

  • The balance of the game isn't great, but there are some really unique spells. The biggest thing that bothers me is lag, because it doesn't register attacks and losing spells or combo attacks really sucks. Also botters are a thing. Apparently users are using bots to level as VD and maybe as Heroes too. I've caught at least 3 VD botters who prioritize classes and follows those heros at a fixed interval and uses spells in intervals as well. Well, my hype is dying.

  • @Sliyer I'm not sure what's worse, player VD using bot as you describe or player VD who just literally do nothing and just wait until Heroes win for maximize xp.

  • @Torae Yeah... there needs to be a effort system that implements xp based on activity rather than time being wasted, also something that stops the match sooner if the VD is being dominated so the game doesn't have to play out til the end.

  • Hey all - appreciate the comments here. Some of the points mentioned here are bugs, which we're aware of and being fixed.

    The Cage adjustments are going into today's maintenance, which we agree with you and others was a bit too spammy for our taste, compared to what it should be.

    With regard to VD players not getting proper rewards for doing well, that is being worked on and implemented, as we want to reward VD's for better play, similar to Heroes reaching the end.

    We obviously have more plans to continue improving Breach throughout Early Access and hope you'll continue to join us.

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