Lag, latency, etc..

I couldn't find an article on this topic, so... Will there be an improvement to servers or performance anytime soon?
Problems lag is causing:
1. Stuck in mid air, for example Warrior's Arcane Charge will get the player stuck from time to time and will be unable to move til dashing.
2. Attacks unregistered, shooting and even melee attacks take much more attacks than they should just to finish off adds because they're not taking actual health damage.
3. Aerial combos not taking effect, for example Auros Gladiator's basic attack combo while aerial won't register.
4. Rubber-banding, same effect as unregistered attacks but position is scattered from point A to B causing glitches.
5. Status effects not affecting with hit, for example Pyromancer's burn stacks do not apply because of projectile attack lag.

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  • That's good to know! I will be waiting for that to happen.

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