Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!

Guys, I'm HOOKED! This game has such amazing potential and I just cannot wait for it to properly launch so I can get all my friends playing with me too!

I made a vow to never play a game in early access, as not to taint my experience of it until it was 100% ready for the public. But I couldn't wait a single day longer with this game. I just HAD to play it, and I was blown away by the level of polish for a game that is still in development.

Here is my wishlist that I think would elevate this game from amazing, to game changing.

  • Better end of match rewards.
  • More varied gear.
  • Ability to earn CQ points with achievements/mission success.
  • Give players a real reason to try and win objectives, especially the poor VD. If the VD or hero team are losing objective after objective, could a catch up mechanic kick in to help them out? Sometimes the outcome of a match is determined at the beginning based on builds alone.
  • Randomised objectives. Keep people on their toes.
  • Prismatic gems I feel are supposed to be game changing talents, but really their give and take nature make them uninteresting and not meaningful in any way. Why would I increase the cooldown times of a skill, only to see a minimal increase in damage/healing etc. I like the whole positive/negative approach, but shouldn't the negative just be the fact that you can only equip 2 of these?
  • Same could be said about the gear. A lot of the time I think the standard gear offers the best options.
  • Dyeing outfits. Not just 2 or 3 various colourways of the same skin.
  • Costume pieces. Not just head and body - we should be able to swap different legs, chest pieces, arms etc.
  • Cosmetic auras
  • More amazing hair styles. I like what you have at the moment, but I feel there should be more.

Keep kicking goals and make dreams come true guys. You're doing an amazing job on this game!


  • Thank you for these suggestions. A few of these are already planned, like the hair styles (this will come with the Appearance Editor), the QC Points reward (this will come with the Challenge System), and rewards / gear / gems are already on our near-timeframe roadmap.

    Lots to do over the next handful of weeks / months.

  • Awesome! This is so exciting to hear! Keep on doing the magic job you're doing guys. I'm absolutely in love with this game and see it being a big game changer! Woo!!

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