Buying again after already having?

I have bought this game a few months ago i guess on October now i have to buy again the game? so i spent 30 pound on Veil Demon Pack now i don't have the game anymore but my account is active.... what is going on here?


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    @SylerX If you bought the game back in October. Then look back in your email on Jan 17th. Look for an e-mail from. Xsolla In it would be the Starter pack code for your account. That you will have to apply to your account. To officially activate your EA account. If you have any issues beyond that I will be here. :)

  • I can't find the email unfortunately

  • @SylerX The only other bit of advice then I can give you is this. If you bought the game back when you believe you did. Look back at your bank statement or Credit Card Statement. Which every process you used to purchase the pre-order back then. If you can find that purchase take a SS of that purchase. And then take it to Support. Make your ticket asking them if they are able to see the bundle you bought connected to your account. Show them the proof of your purchase, the date everything. The more detail you can give them the better. And if you cannot find the e-mail like you said. Tell them you could not find the e-mail from Xsolla you should have received on the day of EA for your activation key/keys. Beyond that it is all the advice I can offer. I hope it helps.

  • In addition to what @Dark_Leviathon posted above, I would recommend you first reach out to Xsolla support as well via and provide them with your purchase details and they can look you up in their system, as this was the only pre-order option back in October. @SylerX

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