Really bad way to start things off

This game not only soft locks after every mission, but you can't even join the "safehouse" to play after restarting the game. All the classes are locked behind a paywall DURING ALPHA TESTING. Why are you locking content behind paywalls when you want us to test the game for only 2 hours at a time?

You have a fully functional (at least looked like) cash shop with custom skins and everything with a game that doesn't even work yet.

You really need to get your priorities straight here. Having your game work and fully unlocked for your testers is way more important than getting your cash shop up and running. This is just sad to see.


  • what are you talking about? i like it because i like earning my things, instead of playing the equivalent of minecrafts creative mode.
    i think this is just you elaborately saying i want free stuff.
    they even give you free money and free buyable money

  • There's a reason this is being called an Alpha test, not everything is going to function, or function correctly, which is why we are testing. Having things locked is also a way to test things such a progression, the shop system of buying new classes and other items. The cash shop is not actually functional yet, there is no way to use real-money, commerce is not live yet, anything purchased is with an amount gifted gems to test these systems.

    This is a true alpha test, any and all data, is valuable.

  • I just want to chime in as well, they aren't focusing the cash shop right now. You are seeing a very early build of the game and alot of it does not work properly, as Grizz said there is no way to use real money for anything. Also the game should not "work" for alpha testers, our job is to go and battle log in bosses, server disconnects and many other bugs that render game unplayable so the Dev team can collect data to improve the game. You are not playing a released game you are testing an unfinished product.

  • Hey Drachma - thanks for the feedback.

    This is our actual first testing weekend with the public, and as has been stated in our emails and other communication, we fully expected connection issues and timing problems. We appreciate your patience while our team works to correct these issues, but this is exactly why we're testing. If you are not used to Alpha testing games, issues like this pop up, this is expected.

    With regard to the comments about the shop, we have different teams working on different portions of the game. While the surface may look done (props to the UI team!), we have a lot of testing to go on that particular portion of the game in the future.

    Also, when it comes to classes, we hope to open up and allow more classes as our testing progresses. but right now our focus is on your first paragraph - getting it so players can actually play the game. All of these connection issues are being logged and worked on by our team.

    Have fun in the Alpha!

  • KamiKazi, the "progression system" idea if fine for the real game. I don't see any reason to lock all the classes while we test it. How much progression are we going to get in 2 hours jolts? I don't want free stuff you damn moron, I wanted to test the game like everyone else. I guess this really was more of a "will the game work" and less of "feed back on classes" test then. And I guess the answer to the question was "no I does not"

    Hopefully future testing will turn out a lot better

  • Please be courteous to others, attack ideas, not users.

    This was indeed more a server functionality test more than anything, which is why the windows were short. This is so that the devs can receive data on the servers live. Other bugs and feedback is useful, but this is the first test, so ensuring the servers can handle any out of house population is typically the first thing to hash out. Also, QC is a relatively small team, likely with only a few people handling different issues at a time and every department needs some data. Just remember that this is an Alpha, where functionality comes first, making sure all the gears are oiled and turning.

  • If you are going to share your feedback then please keep it constructive and limit the hostility please. Folks come here to discuss their issues with the game and share suggestions on how to possibly improve their experience/the overall game. Not to be attacked for trying to participate in a conversation. I ask that you treat others with respect. Keep in mind the old saying, "Treat others the way you yourself would like to be treated." Feed back is always welcome as long as it is constructive and civil :)

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