No healing potions for the medic?

Every single game I've played with the Medic so far, I didn't have any healing potions in the beginning of the game like other classes do. Any help?


  • If you look at your signature spell, underneath it tells you the class buffs you get. I believe having potions is one of them. If you are suppose to have them though then maybe it's a bug. You'll have to check.

  • During our update yesterday, we also added the following:

    • Mending Wave (Arcane Mender): Now grants 1 starting potion, instead of 0

    Depending on your selection of talents, you can adjust how many you start with.

  • @IronDaveQc As mentioned above with the latest maintence and updated you will at least now start with one potion as a medic "Healing Microbots (Medic): Now grants 1 starting potion, instead of 0." So your at least start with 1 potion now.

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