Alpha Tester Outfit

I played during Alpha and I just recently gained access to early access through the En Masse launcher and I liked my QC account to it. I was wondering if I will still recieve the Alpha tester outfit because I currently do not have it.


  • Hey - this is something we're looking into. To obtain the Alpha outfit, you had to have played in the Alpha between Dec 21st and January 16th. We have seen that some players who are launching the game only on the EME platform, and played during those dates, are not getting their outfit.

    However, those same people are getting their outfit once they launch the game on Steam. This is the issue we're looking into and hope to correct soon. This also applies to the Level 100 outfit.

  • I did play the Alpha during that period of time. I'm glad this is being looked into, thank you for the reply.

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