[BUG] Game locking after training session then can't load past main screen

I went through the training session without issues as a gunslinger, but at the end when they say it's time to go to the library, nothing happened. I was able to keep running around and whatnot but there were no waypoints or such, so I pressed esc for the menu to see if it was just a "okay we're done, quit and you can start the normal game now". But as soon as I hit esc and the menu came up, the game froze. I couldn't select anything and after a few minutes of waiting to see if it would come back, I had to force close it with task manager. When I started the game back up the menu sat at a loading screen when trying to get to the safehouse. I closed the game again (using the exit button - it did still work) and tried restarting it again. It did the same thing, however, while I was hopping onto the forums here, after about 5-8 minutes (I dual-screen so I could still see the loading screen in the game) it did finally change to a different loading screen and said it was 'retrieving character'. Unfortunately as I was writing this it failed and came up with an error (Unsure how to change an image to a URL to attach the picture). I'll continue to try starting it up and update here if anything changes! :]


  • This exact thing happened to me. Playing a gunslinger as well.
    Very very CREEEPY. I mean exactly the same things, all except the 'retrieving character' thing, but I am guessing that will pop up in a moment or two.

  • this just happened to my wife and i both

  • I encounter the same issue that you're reporting. I had to close out and let the game reload. I just waited while the game was traveling to the safehouse. It eventually loaded for me.

  • Happened to me too as a reaper.

  • Happened to me as well, I was playing as the Assassin.

  • Thanks everyone for the reports on this. We're looking into it, but it likely has to do with some of the connection issues that we saw trveling back to the safehouse throughout this first test.

    Appreciate all the specifics!

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