[Support / Request] - Discord Connection in Co-op

Please add the ability to quickly mute/disconnect from the discord chat in co-op mode. I played in 5 co-op groups tonight and had to mute my sound for the game completely because of mouth-breathers / mothers yelling at kids into the mic.

Thanks a bunch in advance.


  • I feel the in game Discord support should have to be a manual Opt-In. A feature that you have to turn on rather than one that's on to begin with.

  • I think the ability to turn off the in game voice chat would be very nice instead of having to be automatically thrown into a voice chat with a bunch of people you don't know can be rather disorienting at first and if they turn toxic or start yelling about something it could not only be damaging on the ears but also, no one wants to be insulted or yelled at if you get toxic players in your lobby. :)

  • Thanks for the suggestion. We're still adding more options overall to the settings menu and other portions of the game, and I'll be sure to add this to our documentation.

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