Suggestions for Next Test

I'm making this thread to serve as a place we can all drop down some comments and suggestion for the team to look at and consider while planning out the next series of tests for Breach.

As for my own suggestion to start with, for the next test session would be to choose a more prime time time slot (aside from Saturday, that was a good one) if doing another short window stress test situation.
I sadly missed this one as I was out of the house each of the three days at the mid day point that both Friday and Sunday had for their 2 hour windows.
Also 2 hour windows for that matter are rather tight to try and hit.


  • Appreciate the feedback, but as this first test was mainly just to see if servers would work (They did, but with some issues), we hit our core goal for this first test. As we continue with Alpha Testing, we'll adjust hours and do longer playtests, especially as we have everyone really looking into balance and combinations of skills. It'll be a while before we go full 24/x service, and we will likely move some times around for each test.

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