Observations from Alpha

I had 2 major observations and 1 minor.

  1. Took and EXCEEDINGLY long time to get to the safe house upon starting up. Like, 5-10 minutes. Restarting the game just reset the time it took. Probably a server full issue? not sure, but it would eventually get me in if i just left it sit long enough.
  2. It locked for me at the end of the tutorial. I was stuck in the boss room and nothing happened, no where to go, etc. Either the indicator on what i'm supposed to do could use work, or i was locked up somehow.

Minor issue: The animation for my character changing directions wasn't very smooth. It was responsive... but not smooth. It would snap to one of the 8 directions. A nice transition or something would go a long way to making this feel better. I know the game isnt polished yet, hence a minor thing, but just something i couldn't help but notice constantly.

Really looking forward to seeing more of this game.


  • With regard to #1 and #2, those are both the same issue, and hopefully we can correct soon. Accessing the safehouse in general and getting players into their instances was certainly taking longer than it should've during these first tests. This was the exact reason for this first test, and hopefully it only improves from here.

    Also, thank you for the note on the animations.

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