A Newbie's Look at Breach

Hey guys!

Really happy that I was able to participate in the first Alpha test. Reading through the dev comments in the previous threads, it sounds like it was a success - The servers worked! So props to you guys. I'm certain there is a lot of work yet to be done to get the game to a place where it will be ready for release, but you all should be proud of the work you're doing!

I wanted to drop off some feedback from the Alpha test. It seemed like all of the bugs and issues that I ran in to have already been reported or are already known, so I won't go in to those. From a purely gameplay perspective, I just want to say that the first thing I noticed in the game is how fluid and responsive the combat was. I played an assassin all weekend and was having a blast blinking around the map killing enemies etc. It was fast, it was engaging, it was responsive!

It also seemed to me that this game is pretty easy to pick up, but will likely require a lot of communication and strategy at the "higher levels" of gameplay. In my first game, I went up against... let's say... a pretty seasoned Veil Demon! haha. Though I was doing pretty well killing off enemies and the slow/stun orbs that the VD was spawning, it was obvious that the VD was able to take advantage of moments when the four of us got split up. So knowledge of Veil Demons is going to be very important at high levels so that they can be countered by picks (and vice versa).

That being said, I can imagine that the tutorial in the future will look more like an actual mission. My biggest issue after going through the tutorial was, when I went in to the mission, I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I just ran around killing minions and was like "Why do we keep losing to the veil demon? I don't get it?" I'd later realize that there was a popup in the lower right-hand corner of the screen that told you what you're supposed to do in each room (the "ah-hah" moment lol). But still, it took me an entire mission to realize that. I think the tutorial did well to explain the different types of things you do in a mission... but I don't feel like it was clear that all of those things happen in a mission in succession.

So all-in-all, I love where this game is going and am super excited to see more and play more! One thing that I noticed with the Assassin was one of the talents not working as expected. I believe it's one of the third or fourth talents - the talent said that it would give me an extra charge of my 4th ability (my ult). The way I understood this is that after getting a full charge of the ult, I could continue to charge to get a second ult as well. This never seemed to be the case. I went through one entire mission, saving my ult until the very end. When I used it, I didn't have an extra charge. So maybe I'm misunderstanding the tooltip, or maybe it's not working.

That's about it for me! Again, I love the idea of the game. The graphics are wonderful! Everything is very colorful and bold. Animations were very cool! The fact that I was willing to wait for 20 mins or more to get to the Safehouse in order to play another match I think shows that you guys are on to something!

Looking forward to the next test! See you guys there!



  • 100% agree about the tutorial. It does not go into enough detail about what the VD can do to affect the world. It goes over more about how to move and use abilities. Which I think is fine, but with the amount of information in the game, retention of that information is going very difficult because of the multitude of builds.

  • I'd like to compare to one tutorial that I really like - Arena of Valor (a mobile MOBA) basically has you play two tutorials before you go into your first "real match" (I use air-quotes because the first 4 or 5 matches you play are actually against bots).

    Essentially, your first tutorial is much like the one that we had here in the Breach Alpha - it teaches you the basics: Movement, Attack, basics of game play. This is a 1v1 and extremely forgiving (i.e. you take less damage from enemies, they have less health, etc). It's all about just understanding how to move, how to attack, and what to do.

    Once you complete that tutorial, it throws you into your first 5v5 "match." Again, this match is against bots and all of the towers have less health than a normal match, and do less damage etc. The whole point of this tutorial is to understand how a traditional match works.

    I think we could see something similar in Breach. The first tutorial shows you how to move around, gets you to use your abilities, teaches you about the different room styles (kill enemies, collect orbs, capture points, etc). But each of these are faster to complete than a normal match. It's just about teaching the basics. For someone that is a veteran, they will speed through it (which is what they want to do). For someone that is new, they will take their time to figure it out and learn (which is what they should do).

    Then you get dumped in to a solo "traditional" match with bots. Again, the bots are easier than normal, the last boss probably doesn't take so much effort to kill, etc. Again, it's about learning how the game works, allowing those who "get it" to get through as fast as possible and into the real game.

    I hope that description makes sense to you guys. If you'd like further info, let me know!

  • We're in Alpha and there is a lot of information to retain. 90 Hero Abilities, 18 hero passives, 24 Veil Demon Abilities, 10 Elites and their abilities (I think it's 3 each so 30 abilities?), 5 bosses and their abilities, each schools unique auto attacks, all the various traits equipment offers, not to mention Strong monster abilities, map objective order. There is a lot of things to cover. I think adding a solo tutorial, where you're accompanied by bots and are walked through every step of the way would be incredibly helpful for learning the basics.

  • Hey - appreciate the feedback here. Glad to hear you enjoyed this first Alpha Test of Breach, and that overall the experience was pleasing.

    We're certainly aware with regard to tutorialization and the "first few games" experience for new players, and something we're looking to improve upon as we move forward. Some good suggestions above, and if others have more, feel free to post them in this thread. There are a LOT of mechanics to learn in Breach, but the majority you will need to learn as you play and try out the new classes.

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