watcher placed in inaccesible places

edited March 13 in Veil Demon Feedback

Is it working as intended to be able to placed watcher in places that hero can't reach?
As seen in the picture, when combined with veil shroud watcher and chrono gem can't be destroyed and is there to plague player until it expired.
Wiki say Watcher last 60s. That's a long time in a fight.


  • This is right there shoulden not place there. This Map have anyway alot of Exploit potention what every "High" wanna be Player say its Game Design and we just use it.

  • As a note, we did remove a bunch of previously known spots in the most recent update, and we plan to keep fixing any issues we see with placement. If you see any others after the update on the 12th, feel free to post a screenshot in this thread.

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