got stuck in stairs once ported back to lobby after mission

When I loaded back into the lobby after finishing a mission i was halfway into the sea stairs and couldnt jump out or move from that spot as well as having major lag issues that got worse as the night went on. I was currently streaming it and made sure it wasnt my net or obs messing wasnt everything but the game was stable...even made sure to set the quality in the game as low as possible. thats the link to the highlight of the worst lag and the stair sticking.


  • This happened to me about 5 times. I just had to que for another mission and hope it didn't happen again when I finished.

  • Hey - this is a known issue that should be fixed in a future build. For now, as Naxos above stated, if you start up another match (like a Solo and then quit), you'll be fine and shouldn't be in the stairs anymore.

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