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So Breach is going to be free to play, right? So what is the reason for pre ordering and buying the Hero Pack (or any pack) to get classes? Do these classes not come to regular free players? I wouldn't mind buying the Hero Pack because it's not all that expensive but if I was a free player what classes am I able to play? Thanks in advance


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    Yes Breach is going to be Free to Play. As for the classes. Yes every class you see in any of those Pre-order packages. Are the very same classes you can unlock with Gold. Which is your man currency. Or they can also be unlocked with Sparks. Sparks being the premium currency you will buy with cash. Now to answer your question about the Pre-order packs. The pre-order packs do two things. They give you those classes for free out the gate. Instead of starting the game with the very first class you select. Right after creating your character. Those will be considered additionally unlocked. Compared to anyone who doesn't start the game with a pre-order pack. They will start with just their first choice. And have to unlock each and every class beyond that. So it is just a matter of choice to unlock them all or grind them out by playing the game normally. Now the second thing the Pre-order packs do besides the bonus content each of the three packs come with. The Pre-orders give you Early Access Status. What that means is right now we are in Technical Alpha. After that we have Early Access coming out sometime in January. But it would be a given to believe this will happen before Breach's official launch. Which is vastly approaching us. I hope this might help answer your question there Sorcerer.

  • During Early Access, all players that want to participate will need to purchase a pack to enter. Once we are done with Early Access and launch, Breach will be free-to-play. This is why we have pre-orders for Early Access, as we want the individuals playing during that time to be of proper spec machine, and also have enjoyed the game during Alpha enough to see us along through the Early Access development period (hopefully just a handful of months)

    In addition to the above, we will also have a free rotation of classes, which we're testing out for the first time this week, so once the game is free-to-play, you could technically eventually play all the classes if you wanted to without buying them.

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