[BUG] Keybindings not functioning properly

I prefer to use alternative keys for movement and skills, I'm missing keybinds for movement and strafe movement in particular.

I have remapped my skill keys to the Numpad 1-4, potion to Numpad 0 and Reload to Numpad .

They are working correctly in the library and in the training room, but as soon as you play a solo or co-op game the keybindings stop working.

Only resetting to default keybindings make them work again.

When you change the keybindings again after resetting to default, during a solo/co-op match they again bug out.


  • It's happening in todays test as well, seem to be happening in the Tokyo map in particular, when I played the Anubis map, the keybinds worked fine.

    Also in todays test the F1 / F2 / F3 perk select keys don't seem to work.

  • I noticed that there's no movement binds possible and when binding the mouse to hit keyboard keys the game doesn't pick it up. I figured it was just them not planning ahead on something important that for some reason companies these days seem to not care about... even though the ability to control the game is essential to playing the game. I'm starting to wonder if it was actually a bug and I get how what you report could be real annoying on a long-term play basis. Battlerite has a similar issue in which once you set the binds and restart the game, they remain "set" in the options but don't actually work. I reported it a long time ago and to this day they still claim it's "low priority". If being able to play the game is low priority their priorities are in the wrong place and I hope this company does a great job on the controls going forward so they don't end up like Stunlock.

  • DonnictonDonnicton
    edited December 2018

    Tokyo map is still bugged, custom keybinds still don't work.

  • Hey all - we're continuing to work on the custom key binds, and appreciate all of the reports.

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