Ram & CPU at 100%

I just finished updating my Client last night, after clicking the play button my computer went to a crawl. While the game was loading I opened task manager to view the performance to find the results located in this screen shot.

When loading into the world there was only 1 individual in Alexandria as the servers were closing in 30min.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7s4em43rf3nqeb/BreachMax Ram.jpg?dl=0

Win10 build 17134
GTX 1070
8g Ram
Intel Core I5-3570k CPU 3.4ghz
DirectX 12

If there is a better way to load images let me know =)


  • I'm surprised, since most actually get GPU spiking to 100, not CPU/RAM. Would you be able to file a support ticket with a copy of your dxdiag report here >> http://support.qcgamedev.com/

  • Posted ticket with the report. and screen shots.

  • yeah same here my game started climbing to 6GB++ ram usage and was absolutely horrible and unplayable... had to restart.. so every 30 minutes i just need to restart client for enjoyable experience... i smell a memory leak...

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