Appearance suggestion (with new classes)

I'm not in the test, but I heard on the most recent stream that the appearance for new classes isn't in yet. This is just a suggestion that each class have it's own saved appearance possibility, which would include sex / body choices.

I think the easiest thing might be to make it independent of the class and have saved appearance setting slots.

So, as example the first character you make would be your 'default appearance', and when you unlock your next class you gain a second appearance slot. If you modify either you have the option to go back to the creation options in addition to the clothing/equipment look. Then say you unlock a 3rd class, again it starts with the default appearance, but you could then swap to default, appearance 2, or appearance 3. (Maybe cap the sex/body appearance options at 3 and have more purchasable with in-game or real world money?)

Again going off what I've seen this would be like...
Default appearance, male, face 3, hair 4, Auros Gladiator.
Appearance 2, female, face 2, hair 5, Arcane Mender.
Occultist, using Appearance 2; occultist clothing/equip set on that char.
Demon Hunter, using Appearance 1; Demon Hunter clothing/equp set on that char.


  • Thank you for your suggestion. The current system is a global character across all classes, but we do know people like to change up their looks for individual classes or even times of year. We're looking into adding some sort of a system in the future to help with quick-changing between your playable character, and your suggestion is one of the potential ways that we've been thinking about.

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