So much for alpha testing

I copy and pasted my alpha key to test the game and I just keep getting the message, “sorry, that code may have been expired, been entered incorrectly, or is no longer valid.”

That sucks....


  • Same thing goes for me, I was interested in an early look at this game :(

  • Copy and paste will usually work, but sometimes extra invisible characters are copied and pasted in. You might want to try manually typing the code into the add a game field on Steam. Note that the code will still be good even though the test is closed. You'll want to get the issue resolved if it's not before the next test.

  • If you're still having this issue, I'd recommend sending a ticket to Customer Support. They'll be able to help you out with this issue.

    You can do that by clicking on "Support" at the top of this page, then clicking "Submit a Request" in the top right corner of the Support Page.

  • When it comes to your Alpha code, are you redeeming it in the correct location? Certain codes can only be redeemed on - other codes can only be redeemed on Steam.

    Please ensure you're following the directions provided with your code when it comes to redeeming and accessing the Alpha correctly.

  • Just like OneLetter said - go here, click on "Enter Code" and activate it on Steam.

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    And to add on to this discussion. If your code is not working on Steam itself. Then your need to take write a support ticket. For any added assistance at that point.

  • I clicked the "Enter Code" button, and a box popped up for me to enter it, then immediately disappeared. I clicked it again and it immediately disappeared again. Did this about 10 times. Then I started clicking other things on the site. Nothing worked other than the pre-orders page. I exited out and reloaded the page, and everything seemed to work fine until I clocked the "enter code" button again, then it did the same thing. Finally I summoned my xXPr0-Gaym3R_420YTXx skills, and I managed to hit ctrl+v and click submit in the 1/16th second before the code window disappeared. Now it says at the bottom that I have an alpha test key, but there is no Steam key anywhere, and no way to link my Steam account. RIP.

  • When you enter your Steam key on Steam, your account gets linked automatically. Try to press Ctrl + A, maybe the text is in the invisible state for you, if that doesn't help, just change your browser!

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    @Plissken If it is blank. Then as @CaptainSolus said above try logging into your account on a different browser. But if the problem continues for you. That being that the code is not there for you at all. Your only option then is to send a message to the support team.

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